Innovalia Metrology will prensent M3Hybrid and M3MH at MetalMadrid

After the official M3MH presentation in the main exhibitions of the 5 continents, Innovalia Metrology will arrive at MetalMadrid to present the advantages of both M3MH and M3 Hybrid.
From the 15th to the 16th of November, Innovalia Metrology will turn from its stand P4 / S-A22, the 10th edition of MetalMadrid into a new scenario full of possibilities that will bring closer the term “zero defects manufacturing”
Innovalia Metrology, the metrological unit of the renowned Innovalia Group will present M3 Hybrid and M3MH on this occasion.
M3 Hybrid Software is the multisensor metrology software that has changed the game by offering the option of digitalizing the full part, allowing you to manage large amounts of data, and giving the user access to the metrological information from any device, at any time.
With capacity to capture more than 60,000 data points per second, Innovalia Metrology’s proposal surpasses other market proposals in speed, precision, and adaptability. M3 Software is not only the result of years of experience and innovation, it is the opportunity to simplify the measurement processes. The results we are obtaining by incorporating M3 Hybrid (high speed optical sensor Optiscan + M3 Software) to a traditional touch probe CMM are already turning heads. The great integration between M3 Hybrid Software and Optiscan is reducing the production times by 30%.
Apart from M3 Hybrid, Innovalia Metrology will also present M3MH. M3MH is a complete measuring software for machine tools and is the newest incorporation to Innovalia Metrology’s diverse portfolio. M3MH is already beginning to exceed expectation by offering a complete machine tool measurement software, saving time and money.When it comes to verification, set-up and measurement, the user won’t need the infamous G-codes or to acquire different macros for different tasks. M3MH allows you to program from an intuitive graphical interface and manage the machine tool from a computer. The M3 integration in the production processes (plant, lab or in machine tool) leads to intelligent manufacturing, zero manufacturing defects, and allows control of the performance and reliability of your production processes.
Innovalia Metrology invites the MetalMadrid attendants to discover the tools and technology with the highest performance at its stand P4/S-A22. The interested ones will be able to enjoy a demo to discover in first person the advantages of M3 Hybrid and M3MH.