Non-contact in-line measurements

OptiScan solutions are designed by Trimek and Innovalia to increase the quality and the productivity of the manufacturers; whist reducing the “time to market”, improving the innovation cycle and reducing the cost of the launching process. And therefore, it guarantees the stability of the process and reduces the cost of tools and the problems of assembling.

Datapixel develops and integrates innovative technologies of inspection based on high speed 3D measurement without contact and on the software of analysis. Thus, Datapixel provides a wide range of engineering, project management and services based on technology that result on a total improvement of the manufacturing process of our clients.

  • Reverse Engineering (MQS-RE)
    Reduces the time of development of new products and improves the cycles of innovation.
  • Rapid Product Verification (MQS-RPV)
    Reduces the time and the cost of the launching and assembling that the manufacturing process entails.
  • Inspection Process Automation (MQS-IPA)
    Guarantees the quality of the product.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly Process Stability Assurance (MQS-PSA)
    Guarantees the stability of the manufacturing process.
  • Robot Path Programming (MQS-RPP)
    Improves the movement and the programming of robots and tools.
  • Tools and API Software libraries for OEM partners (MQS-OEM)
    Improves the innovation of 3D scanning in the machine and in the software development.

Controlling your Product - Improving your process