• The Basque group Innovalia leads BOOST4.0 project, an initiative of € 20 million to improve the competitiveness of the automotive sector through Big Data.

    On Jan. 30th, one of the biggest Big Data initiatives in Europe has started at the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, aimed at the 4.0 industry, and represented by the main automotive manufacturers as participants. Boost 4.0 is led by the Basque industrial group Innovalia. It is a project that has been managed to form a great […]

  • Jesús de la Maza: Interview to the Innovalia Group President

    · First of all, we would like to know your vision about the current situation of industrial metrology and the role it plays and can play in the near future. Many of the techniques that were made in the laboratories are being incorporated into the manufacturing process and this makes the industry begin to be […]

  • Metromeet announces its Conference Program

    Metromeeet has announced a complete Conference program made of 23 speeches that will last 3 days and promises to offer not only high-level technological content, but also unique networking moments. During the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of March 2018, the Metromeet organization will gather the main drivers towards intelligent manufacturing in the Bilbao Euskalduna Palace. […]