About us

Trimek’s main objective is to provide hi-tech services geared to satisfy the requirements of its customers’ business, improve quality on a permanent basis and ensure constant development of products and services to meet the current and future needs of customers.

Oficinas Trimek

This eagerness to provide the latest solutions has led Trimek to take part in ambitious R+D projects, considering excellence and knowledge management to be key elements in providing ideal customer service, with considerable emphasis on training and development of new technology.

Trimek has arranged internal R+D projects, has taken part in others with other businesses and R+D centres at home and abroad, and has many international associates.

Trimek invests systematically in the development of new technology to cover all current needs and anticipate future needs.

Our goal is to consolidate Trimek and its products and services on markets in which we have worldwide representation. Customer service is our prime objective.