Innovalia Metrology attends to Argenplás

Argenplás, the International Plastics Exhibition of Buenos Aires, takes place this year in Costa Salguero Center. This fair is one of the main events in South America. Argenplás offers the exhibitor a favorable environment for doing business and Innovalia Metrology could not miss this special occasion.

Our participation is a future investment taking into account our economic growth in Latin America. Located in Hall 3, our H60 booth  presents the latest developments based on the optimization of hybrid measurement systems (M3 Hybrid). This technology combines the classical technique of touch probe measurements with the new high-tech Optiscan optical sensor.


What we get with this new method is a much higher speed and reliability when making a three-dimensional measurement. We get those difficult to access points through our touch sensor system and with the Optiscan optical sensor we are able to scan the rest of the piece. This unique hybrid design allows the integration into any system for both laboratory and in-line manufacturing with high precision and speed.

M3 Portable, the most compact and portable machine

The booth of Innovalia Metrology also presents the M3 portable, equipped with M3 platform (Multisensor Massive Measurement), perfect to optimize the measurement processes in a natural and efficient way. It is a much more compact machine and integrates all technologies in a portable and easy environment to be moved around the plant.

The exclusive and innovative design of M3 portable combines a positioning and scanning system fully automatic with the automatic sensor Optiscan, getting together in a single product the advantages of the high quality of optical scanning with a design based on new light and extremely rigid composites.