• LinkedDesign will boost the productivity of today‘s engineers by providing an integrated, holistic view on data, persons and processes across the full product lifecycle as a vital resource for the outstanding competitive design of novel products and manufacturing processes.
    To achieve this goal the project will develop the Linked Engineering and mAnufacturing Platform (LEAP) as an integrated information system for manufacturing design. LEAP federates all product lifecycle information relevant to drive engineering and manufacturing processes, independent of its format, location, originator, and time of creation. Apart from the unified access to the integrated information, LEAP will provide specific knowledge exploitation solutions like sentiment analysis and design decision support systems to analyse the integrated information.
    LinkedDesign will enable user-centric lifecycle information management. To prevent from information overload leading to long search times, LEAP will provide a context-driven access to federated information and knowledge, such that each user is equipped with all information required for his/her specific role and engineering task. Further, LinkedDesign aims to foster cross-discipline collaborations between users by novel approaches for collaborative engineering. The front-end of LEAP will be developed as a Virtual Obeya, a virtual control center where all information confluence and are shared at desks for each involved participant, independent of location and context.


  • linkeddesign

    Code: FP7-ICT-FoF-2011

    Start date: Septiembre 2011
    End date: Agosto 2015