• Innovalia Metrology attends to Argenplás

    Argenplás, the International Plastics Exhibition of Buenos Aires, takes place this year in Costa Salguero Center. This fair is one of the main events in South America. Argenplás offers the exhibitor a favorable environment for doing business and Innovalia Metrology could not miss this special occasion. Our participation is a future investment taking into account […]

  • Innovalia Metrology drives the way to the industrial recovery

    The expectations for the Machine-Tool Biennial were positive, and focused on industrial recovery. Technology was turned into business this week at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, at an edition of the Biennial at which interesting business forums were featured and orders were secured in all the sectors involved. “The new challenge of Basque machine-tool sector is to […]

  • Convenio de TRIMEK con la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional de Argentina

    TRIMEK SA, entidad vasca con filial en Argentina que se dedica la fabricación de equipos de control dimensional y ofrece servicios avanzados de metrología industrial, firmó el pasado 18 de febrero un convenio marco de trabajo con la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional de Argentina (UTN), para el desarrollo de actividades de cooperación en las áreas de […]

  • Control and BIEMH 2016, the challenges for this year

    The specialized Control fair will be the first event where we will test the new equipment over the next 26, 27, 28 and 29 April in Stuttgart, the leading European city on the issue of quality assurance. “We will have a stand in Hall 5, where we will present comprehensive solutions for measurement and scanning, […]